Our Values

Part of our strength as an agency is the diversity of our team. Our diverse sets of knowledge and unique backgrounds make us strong collectively.  We respect that diversity.  But at the same time, there are certain core values that we share that give us cohesiveness as a team and as an agency. Those values are what we draw upon day-in and day-out as we meet the challenges of each individual and family. They guide our daily actions.  They make us who we are.

At Trinity Fane, we value:

Integrity – Nothing is more important to us than integrity.
Through our honesty and openness we hope to become your trusted insurance agent.  When we give our word, you can count on it.

Commitment – Commitment to us has a dual meaning. First, we are committed to you, our valued client.  For without your business, we know our agency would cease to exist. Secondly, we are committed to getting the job done—and done right.  That is our source of never-ending professional gratification.

Creativity and Innovation – We know that success in the marketplace comes from new ideas. We embrace and celebrate an ability to come up with new and creative solutions to the problems you face.

Dependability – On the flip side of creativity and innovation is dependability.  We believe in getting the job done – day, after day, after day.  For it is only through our continued excellence that we can achieve the most cherished of all business elements – your loyalty as a client.

Learning – We believe in learning.  We know that learning helps us fulfill our mission of adding value, protection and security to you and your loved ones.
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