Trinity Fane in the Community

We live out our community spirit with a pledge of corporate financial support and team members’ volunteer work.

We support FINCA overseas and Greater Twin Cities United Way in the USA with our charitable dollars.


“By putting small loans directly in the hands of the working poor... FINCA helps people help themselves.” Since 1984, The FINCA Village banking methodology has proven successful in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Central Asia.

Our donated contributions, helps FINCA fund essential working capital through its “village banking”. Based on the principles of self-help and free enterprise, village banking offers the poor not charity, nor handouts, but loans — with no collateral required, a reasonable rate of interest, and a safe and profitable place to accumulate savings.

Village bank members are fully responsible for their own success. They choose their investments, disburse and collect loans, manage their savings, elect their officers, write their by-laws, and keep their books. The repayment of a loan generates a new loan and the cycle repeats itself with dignity and personal empowerment.

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United Way is focused on making an impact in three areas:

Helping kids be ready for and succeed in school, and helping families feel safe and supported in their community.

Helping families obtain food, housing, job skills and other essential needs to lead productive lives.

Improving health, access to care and independence for seniors and people with disabilities.

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TFane is proud to be associated with such an organization that does so much good in our community.

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